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PROHIRES is a proven and leading RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firm, delivering its customized and specialized services in Off-shore recruiting.  With it's diligent and dedicated work-force, PROHIRES always comes up with tailor-made solutions that best suit any recruiting need and current scenario of the market. 

Apart from it's widely spread recruiting network and huge resume/candidate database, PROHIRES simply powers your recruiting business with it's one-of-own-kind recruiting products. 

Major objective is, maximum cost reduction for it's clients with minimum time and increased quality.

Hire an off-shore recruiter at  $500/month

H1B/bench marketing at $400/month


* An IT Recruiter for you​​

* Benefits of an huge resume database​

* Free access to a recruiting portal+

* Daily, weekly & monthly reporting

* 75% cost reduction

* 1 week free trial ​ more

* An IT Sales-Recruiter​​ for you

* A wide-spread recruiting network

* Free access to a recruiting portal+

* Transparency in rate negotiations

* Daily, weekly & monthly reporting

* 2 weeks free trial more

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