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*  Still paying for the bulk/mass-eMailing services even though you are limited by their SMTP outbound traffic restrictions such as emails per hour, emails per day, emails per month etc.?

*  Experiencing the hassles of slow transmission of your bulk emails and spam landing etc.?

Here is the solution, POWERHOUSE, A bulk/mass-emailing portal with robust eMail server-cluster exclusive and dedicated for US Staffing/Recruiting Industry.

To cut it short, register for a 2 weeks unlimited free-trial and experience yourself how it powers your recruiting.

You can deploy your requirements & hotlist to your own database/mailing lists using the portal's mass mailing mechanism at a blazing speed, no SMTP server/outgoing eMail traffic limits at all.  You can create contact-lists in our portal, request your network to get opted-in to these lists with a double-optin process, and start mass-mailing them.


You can even use our own eMail engines to request your network to get subscribed to your contact lists, and these eMail engines which you use to send your subscription requests are non-chargeable.  Once you collect the contacts into your mailing-lists with a double-optin process, you can easily manage (subscriptions, un-subscriptions, updating etc.) these contacts in the portal, and such contact-lists are ever growing based on your mass-mailing campaigns in the portal.

With our portal, you don’t even have to have a mailing-list/contact lists to start with to deploy your recruiting stuff.  You can distribute all your requirements & hot-lists to the portal's in-built & huge database of recruiting (corp-corp), and start receiving the potential resumes in a flash.  Our database is even segregated skill-set wise/consultants wise; for example, you can post a Java Developer requirement to the Java consultants’ database only, exclusively and directly.  This database is completely active and valid being maintained by last 10 years which we offer as a free (non-chargeable) resource to be shared by our clientele of the portal, and this recruiting database is ever increasing getting constantly fueled by us and our clientele.

Register for a 2 weeks unlimited free-trial.

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